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Terms of Use

I'm pretty lenient with my Sims, but I do have some terms of use, I think everyone does who makes Sims to share. All I ask is that you follow these simple guidelines.

  • Please don't change their hair, skin, or eye color.
  • Please don't change their facial features.
  • Please don't upload them to any sites and claim them as your own.
  • Feel free to change their hairstyle, personality traits, favorites, zodiac sign, and lifetime wish to fit your story.
  • Do remember to give me credit and link back to this blog if you download any of my Sims. I will check out any stories where my Sims are featured.
  • If you want to change Nicolas to a supernatural, all life states are fine, except Genie because I don't know if it turns his skin blue.

Nicolas Lamont

Number of Times Downloaded as of 2/21/2015: 7


Here we have Nicolas. He's a little shy right now, but oh so cute and geeky in his polo shirt and jeans.

Formal Wear

My, my Nicolas, you clean up well.


THAT'S the body you've been hiding underneath your polo shirt?! *faints*


Yum, Nicolas. Clearly your exercise routine is working.


Yes, very dramatic, Nicolas. Nice.

Basic Info

Full Name: Nicolas Lamont
Age: Young Adult
Hair Color: Brown with light brown highlights
Eye Color: Green
Lifetime Wish: Scientific Specialist - Reach Level 10 Science Skill, Reach Level 10 in Science, Medical, OR Business career (Generations has the science skill)
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Personality Traits

Good Sense of Humor, Computer Whiz, Genius, Ambitious, Bookworm


Food: Stu Surprise
Music: Egyptian
Color: Red

Expansions Used

If I don't list an item, it's because it came with the base game

Everyday Bottom
Lifetime Wish

University Life
Formal Top & Bottom
Athletic Bottom & Shoes

Late Night
Formal Shoes

Custom Content Used

Click the link to get the CC if you want it.

Hair: Newsea Heartquake Fix - Tumblr (simmycrystal)

*** Download ~ Nicolas ~ Lamont ***

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